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The world is facing a planet-sized carbon problem. But while reducing our carbon footprint is the need of the hour, we understand that immediate reduction in emissions isn’t always feasible.

Building carbon efficiency is a complex, time-consuming process, that CleanHedge can streamline for you.

We develop and implement sustainable projects that reduce, remove or avoid carbon dioxide emissions. From solar, wind, and biogas projects to community-led fuel saving initiatives, we devise ventures that have a measurable impact on the environment.

In doing so, we generate carbon credits to offset your carbon footprint.

What are Carbon Credits?

Carbon credits are permits to release a certain amount of carbon dioxide or any other greenhouse gas into the atmosphere. They represent an equal amount of C02 that has been reduced or eliminated from the environment through sustainable projects.

One credit is equivalent to 1 tonne of CO2.

These tradable units are not chained by geographical boundaries. This means an organization that cannot directly take steps towards sustainability, can invest in green projects across the world to still keep its net-zero commitment.

What do We Offer?

Offset Projects
Carbon Credit Registration
and Trading Services for Existing Projects
Efficiency Solutions

Why Choose CleanHedge?


We can implement a diverse portfolio of nature and community-based projects across multiple sectors to widen your impact.


CleanHedge recommends projects that match your requirements and check all the right boxes for your company.


We ensure complete transparency in our operations, so you know that your money is making an actual impact.

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